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Description: SiTime Crystal configurable solution helps customers improve product performance, shrink product size, improve product reliability, and stand out in the market competition. SiTime MEMS Oscillator timing solutions with supporting features and flexible customization, ensures that customers optimize their material supply chain, meanwhile reduce cost of ownership and accelerate product development in marketing cycle. SiTime uses standard semiconductor manufacturing processes and high volume production of plastic packaging technology, providing the industry's strongest supply capacity and shortest lead time. As the direct agent and first programmable manufacturer in China, YXC could achieve one hour production of more than one thousand active crystal, fast delivery in 1-2 days.


Features: High stability, Quick response, Short Lead Time, Abundant choices, Reliable inventory Support

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1~220MHZ Frerquency Range accurate to 6 decimal places Industrial and extended commercial temperature ranges 0.6ps RMS phase jitter(random) over 12khz to 20MHZ bandwidth LVPECL and LVDS output signaling types ROHS&REACH compliant, PB free
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SiT1602 is a low-power fixed frequency oscillator. It offers the perfect combination of low power consumption, excellent stability, small size, quick start up and short lead times.
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SITIME Brand Low power programmable oscillator 1~110MHZ Frequency Range accurate to 6 decimal places 100% pin-to-pin drop-in replacement to quartz-based XO Standby mode for longer battery life, fast startup time of 5ms LVCMOS/HCMOS compatible output ROHS&REACH compliant, PB free
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SiT8021 oscillator is the first device in the series to overcome the limitations of quartz technology by setting new benchmarks for power, size and weight. SiT8021 consumes 90% less power than a quartz device, 40% smaller and 70% less weight. These best-of-breed specifications enable the longest battery life and the smallest size and weight of smart watches, tablets, smart phones, portable audio and accessories.
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