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Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Author:Jerry Woo
Date:2018/01/23/ 00:01


One of the most important features of any oscillator is its frequency stability, or in other words its ability to provide a constant frequency output under varying load conditions.

Some of the factors that affect the frequency stability of an oscillator generally include: variations in temperature, variations in the load, as well as changes to its DC power supply voltage to name a few.

Frequency stability of the output signal can be greatly improved by the proper selection of the components used for the resonant feedback circuit, including the amplifier. But there is a limit to the stability that can be obtained from normal LC and RC tank circuits.

quart crystal oscillator


Quart Crystal

To obtain a very high level of oscillator stability a Quartz Crystal is generally used as the frequency determining device to produce another types of oscillator circuit known generally as a Quartz Crystal Oscillator, (XO).

When a voltage source is applied to a small thin piece of quartz crystal, it begins to change shape producing a characteristic known as the Piezo-electric effect. This Piezo-electric Effect is the property of a crystal by which an electrical charge produces a mechanical force by changing the shape of the crystal and vice versa, a mechanical force applied to the crystal produces an electrical charge.

Then, piezo-electric devices can be classed as Transducers as they convert energy of one kind into energy of another (electrical to mechanical or mechanical to electrical). This piezo-electric effect produces mechanical vibrations or oscillations which can be used to replace the standard LC tank circuit in the previous oscillators.

There are many different types of crystal substances that can be used as oscillators with the most important of these for electronic circuits being the quartz minerals, due in part to their greater mechanical strength.

The quartz crystal used in a Quartz Crystal Oscillator is a very small, thin piece or wafer of cut quartz with the two parallel surfaces metallised to make the required electrical connections. The physical size and thickness of a piece of quartz crystal is tightly controlled since it affects the final or fundamental frequency of oscillations. The fundamental frequency is generally called the crystals “characteristic frequency”.

Once cut and shaped, the crystal can not be used at any other frequency. In other words, its size and shape determines its fundamental oscillation frequency.

The crystals characteristic or characteristic frequency is inversely proportional to its physical thickness between the two metallised surfaces. A mechanically vibrating crystal can be represented by an equivalent electrical circuit consisting of low resistance R, a large inductance L and small capacitance C as shown below.

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Quartz Crystal Equivalent Model

quart crystal model


The equivalent electrical circuit for the quartz crystal shows a series RLC circuit, which represents the mechanical vibrations of the crystal, in parallel with a capacitance, Cp which represents the electrical connections to the crystal. Quartz crystal oscillators tend to operate towards their “series resonance”.

The equivalent impedance of the crystal has a series resonance where Cs resonates with inductance, Ls at the crystals operating frequency. This frequency is called the crystals series frequency, ƒs. As well as this series frequency, there is a second frequency point established as a result of the parallel resonance created when Ls and Cs resonates with the parallel capacitor Cp as shown.

Crystal Impedance against Frequency

quartz crystal impedance quartz crystal impedance formula

The slope of the crystals impedance above shows that as the frequency increases across its terminals. At a particular frequency, the interaction of between the series capacitor Cs and the inductor Ls creates a series resonance circuit reducing the crystals impedance to a minimum and equal to Rs. This frequency point is called the crystals series resonant frequency ƒs and below ƒs the crystal is capacitive.

As the frequency increases above this series resonance point, the crystal behaves like an inductor until the frequency reaches its parallel resonant frequency ƒp. At this frequency point the interaction between the series inductor, Ls and parallel capacitor, Cp creates a parallel tuned LC tank circuit and as such the impedance across the crystal reaches its maximum value.

Then we can see that a quartz crystal is a combination of a series and parallel tuned resonance circuits, oscillating at two different frequencies with the very small difference between the two depending upon the cut of the crystal. Also, since the crystal can operate at either its series or parallel resonance frequencies, a crystal oscillator circuit needs to be tuned to one or the other frequency as you cannot use both together.

So depending upon the circuit characteristics, a quartz crystal can act as either a capacitor, an inductor, a series resonance circuit or as a parallel resonance circuit and to demonstrate this more clearly, we can also plot the crystals reactance against frequency as shown.

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