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What is Crystal Oscillator Circuit and its Working ?

Author:Little Goat
Date:2017/12/10/ 00:12

      An electronic circuit or electronic device that is used to generate periodically oscillating electronic signal is called as an electronic oscillator. The electronic signal produced by an oscillator is typically a sine wave or square wave. An electronic oscillator converts the direct current signal into an alternating current signal. The radio and television transmitters are broad casted using the signals generated by oscillators. The electronic beep sounds and video game sounds are generated by the oscillator signals. These oscillators generate signals using the principle of oscillation.


      There are different types of oscillator electronic circuits such as Linear oscillators – Hartley oscillator, Phase-shift oscillator, Armstrong oscillator, Clapp oscillator, Colpitts oscillator, and so on, Relaxation oscillators – Royer oscillator, Ring oscillator, Multivibrator, and so on, and Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). In this article, let us discuss in detail about Crystal oscillator like what is crystal oscillator, crystal oscillator circuit, working, and use of crystal oscillator in electronic circuits.

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