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YXC Quartz Crystal Oscillator Production Procedure

Author:Little Goat
Date:2016/05/23/ 00:05
Quartz crystal production to include cutting, Phi silver, dispensing, fine-tuning, starting chip (active), sealing and other dozens of processes, and requires a lot of human involvement. This is like a chain, its strength depends on the pull of the worst link.
1. cutting: Quartz crystal is the most important quartz chip, quartz crystal in the production process of quartz crystal materials to be the first cutting and grinding process, one of the most important process is set angle, due to the different orientation of the quartz piece, which Piezoelectric properties, strength characteristics, the elastic characteristics are different, then use it to produce quartz crystal performance is not the same. First of all, we need to grind and cut the quartz crystal rod. Cut out the frequency corresponding to the quartz wafer, (which should be noted that the quartz crystal and the frequency is a one-to-one correspondence.) The cutting angle at this time determines the basic frequency deviation quartz crystal.
2. silver: In order to improve the accuracy of work, so to be cut in a good quartz plate coated with a layer of sterling silver.
3. Dispensing: To be fixed above the base with silver plastic (conductive plastic), this time the fixed angle once again decided the basic frequency of quartz crystal deviation.
4. test: This time with the test equipment, you can measure the output frequency of the quartz crystal, and when the test can make silver again make fine-tuning to improve the work accuracy.
5. sealing: If it is passive crystal, it can be filled with nitrogen sealed. The active crystal, you also need to add the vibration chip, and then sealed with nitrogen.
6. seal check: Check the seal after the product whether there is leakage phenomenon. Divided into coarse leaks and fine leaks.
Coarse leak: check the larger leak (differential pressure method)
Leak detection: check for small leaks (He pressure mode)
7. aging and analog reflow: the product to a long period of high temperature aging, stress relief and simulated customer trial environment, exposure to manufacturing defects in order to improve the reliability of shipping products.
8. marking: the use of Laser crystal in the crystal case labeled, such as model, rated frequency, in order to distinguish between different products.
9. test packaging: electrical performance testing of finished products, remove defective products, to ensure product quality.

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