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SiTime High Temperature Oscillator
Frequency Range: 1MHz-110MHz
Dimensions: 2.0 x 1.6/ 2.5 x 2.0/ 3.2 x 2.5/ 5.0 x 3.2/ 7.0 x 5.0
Promise: Lifetime warranty and technical support
ROHS STATUS: Compliant
  • SiT8918B offers a wide frequency range (1MHz~110MHz) in the smallest 2.0*1.6mm package. The perfect combination of excellent stability (± 20PPM) and wide temperature range (-40℃~125℃) is not easily acquired from quartz. The device also has the industry's best vibration sensitivity and shock and vibration. SiT8918B with industry-standard package, so that no design changes can replace quartz.
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