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Programmable Quartz Crystal Oscillator
Frequency Range:1MHz-200MHz
Any frequency between 1MHz~200MHz accurate to 6 decimal places
Dimensions: 2016,2520,3225,5032,7050
Rohs Status: Compliant
High stability、Low Jitter、Low Power
  • Frequency Tolerance: ±20 PPM,±25PPM,±50PPM
  • Operating Temperature:-40℃ to+85℃
  • Normal supply voltage: 1.8V、2.5V、3.3V
  • Period Jitter, Typical: 1pSec at 12KHz to 20MHz
  • Frequency Aging: ±3ppm/year Max
  • Applications:Ideal for DSC, DVC, DVR, IP CAM, Tablets, e-Books, SSD, GPON, EPON, etc
  • Ideal for high-speed serial protocols such as : USB, SATA, SAS
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