• 11-05 2020
    This article uses simple and slightly humorous language to describe the professional knowledge involved, which can help you know more about Yangxing.
    Welcome to YangXing
  • 05-30 2020
    The 5th generation mobile networks, also known as 5G.  It has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years. Internet speed is as fast as one second to download a high-definition movie. No longer need to wait for buffering when surfing the Internet. Al
    How does Crystal meet the age of 5G communication?
  • 03-27 2020
    The structure of a crystal oscillator is very simple. Its core is a piece of quartz crystal. Quartz in nature is in a hexagonal state. If the crystal is sliced into a slice according to a certain orientation, it is a quartz wafer. Put a thin layer of silv
    The Physical Principle of Quartz Crystal Oscillator
  • 03-14 2020
    Difference between Commercial & Industrial grade Quartz Crystals
    Application Grade of Quartz Crystal
  • 03-09 2020
    Relationship and Difference between HC-49S & HC-49U & HC-49SMD
    Relationship and Difference between HC-49S & HC-49U & HC-49SMD
  • 02-26 2020
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