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Welcome to YangXing

Release time: 2020-11-05 Browse times: 1775 times
Can you know us by phone? Can you know us by mail? Can you know us through network? Yes, sure! But if you want to know more information about the company, The field investigation is the best choice.

It's a beautiful day, One team come to us after the COVID-19. Looking at these lovely faces, I want to call them “cutey”. Let's follow the cutey to visit our company now.

First of all, The cutey arrived the showroom (picture a), Which have all YXC products. Engineer Mr. Chen introduced the characteristics of each product, Including application, and the development trend of crystal oscillators.

Secondly, The cutey visited the Culture Wall (picture b), General Manager Kevin introduced the growth history of Yangxing. Yangxing is a small store in 1987, independently operated by the chairman Mr. Cai. After being suppressed by Japanese and Taiwanese companies in technology and prices, Mr. Cai realized we need to develop and grow up, we must take the route of homemade and independence. Therefore, Mr. Cai registered the YXC brand in 2010, and start to established the production line, began to produce and develop the crystal oscillator, and took the professional route, confirming that Yangxing will continue to engage in electronic components from now on.

Next, The cutey come to the Certificate Wall (picture c), Which place put on ROHS and REACH reports, the quality inspection reports, the patent certificate of crystal oscillator test software and the patent certificate of programmable crystal oscillator products.

Finally, The cutey visited the workshop.(Another production line is in Zhejiang, China), This workshop produces Yangxing’s main product--MEMS oscillator and Q-MEMS oscillator. We have four production machines working at the same time, two produce quartz crystal oscillators, and the other two produce silicon crystal oscillators. Programmable oscillator is put the target frequency into blank via Programmer, then add our YXC LOGO and frequency as printing,  the speed is very fast, only need few seconds to finish one. After production, The quality inspector will check the printing, quality, packaging, quantity. If everything is great, we will put it into the warehouse and arrange to delivery.
All of us think quality is the top priority for the product, Cutie follow us know the test equipment and carefully study the product's test process and test methods, to
ensure that each crystal oscillator have good quality.

This is a rewarding journey to Cutie. We had a great day and talk details of cooperation with each other. We warmly welcome you to come to us, for business or for friendship. We can taste delicious foods and enjoy difference custom.