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Lead Type Ceramic Resonators
Frequency: 3.40 to 10.00MHz
Oscillation circuits do not require external load capacitors.
It is the best for use in reference clock applications for microcomputers of various device (AV, OA, Home appliance and industrial systems).
Item  Specification
Operating Temperature Range -20 to +80°C
Storage Temperature Range -55 to +85°C
D.C. Voltage D.C.6V Max
A.C. Voltage 15Vp-p Max
Withstanding Voltage D.C.100V Max
Nominal Oscillating Frequency    3.40MHz to 10.00MHz  
Initial Frequency Tolerance *1 *2 ±0.50% Max
Frequency Shift by Temperature (at 25°C) ±0.20% Max
Secular Change ±0.20% Max
Resonant Impedance *2 25Ω max 
Built-in Load Capacitance 15pF ±20% max 
Insulation Resistance 500MΩ

External dimensions