July 1986, It is an experienced crystal oscillator supplier and manufacturer
which is mainly focus on frequency control products.
Yangxing has been moving towards automation on the basis of traditional
quartz crystal oscillators process, Yangxing also has concentrated on R&D,
will release new products from time to time.
As Yangxing’s core product, programmable crystal oscillator has applied for
a number of patents and won the National Science and Technology Innovation
Award.Yangxing has silicon and quartz, differential and voltage control
programming oscillator. Parameters like frequency and voltage can be
programmed. Frequency can be programmed up to 1.5GHZ which can meet
any requirements of global customers has achieved large-scale
production. IC as the core of active crystal oscillators, Yangxing is also actively
researching and developing, and has already realized product applications.









Quality and service orientation has always been our business philosophy, and we keep on striving to make it better. Quality of each crystal will be guaranteed. For this reason, we strictly screen raw materials, purchase advanced testing equipment, and establish a complete quality inspection process so as to keep foolproof. All our products have passed the environmental protection certification --- ROHS and REACH.

Yangxing has also passed the ISO9001 quality management certification. We will continue to produce our products according to the high standard of AEC-Q200.Yangxing has a complete management system and an experienced sales team. We are always committed to providing customers with the best frequency device solutions. In China, our market share is constantly increasing. Agents cover all over the world to distribute YXC products. YXC insists on supplying products and services with best quality.
Our product line includes crystal resonator, crystal oscillator, VCXO, differential output oscillator, 32.768KHz crystal, ceramic resonator, SAW resonator and MEMS oscillator, saw filter and so on. Products are widely used in various frequency control equipments and other fields such as clock, security, IP camera, digital products, digital car, IPAD, network communications, base and photoelectric technology.

Our production base locates in Longhua District, Shenzhen. It is a visualized factory, in which every producing process can be inspected and traced.


Every procedure to guarantee quality
ISO Quality Management certification passed
Aspects from materials, production, features
  Cost control
  Moderate price with optimum quality
  Cancel unnecessary channel cost to maintain bargain price for customers

For higher flexibility and larger warehousing scale, we adopt a model that separates our office and warehouse. The warehouse covers an area of 2,000 square meters and stores about 250KK of spot products.

We have no shipping restrictions, you can specify the shipping method
with your freight account, or use our express account. We supply products to customers all over the world, and also technical support is provided for customers to use our parts more conveniently.



Digi-Key is one of the world's leading distributors with wide range of high-quality electronic components. YXC Products being sold on Digi-Key can be viewed by company name and product model number.

Chip One Stop

Chip One Stop is Japan's leading components distributor of semiconductor and electronic, which providing online shopping/catalog services. Acquired by Arrow in 2011 & as one of subsidiary of Arrow.


VVDN has more than a decade of experience in Product Engineering & Manufacturing electronic solutions. Mainly Provide designing, development and manufacturing services to customers in industries such as 5G, wireless and IoT.


AURUM is a distributor of electronic components from Russia, with many years of sales experience, the main customers are from instrument manufacturing, telecommunications, radio and other fields.


LCSC is a one-stop electronic components procurement mall headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is a rapidly rising electronic components distributor in the past ten years.


LUNA is a Turkey-based enterprise,integrating design, development and manufacturing, mainly producing products such as electricity and water meters. LUNA mainly use YXC KHz crystal for their products.


TBS is the leader in first-person-view drone technology. They products are used in the fastest and highest performing drone, giving they customers the sensation of flight through virtual reality headsets.


GOODIX is a solution provider based on chip design and software development, mainly for smart terminals, Internet of Things and automotive electronics. Its customers include Amazon, Google, LG, Nokia.


Nova is located in Xi'an, and its main business is LED display control software and hardware. Nova provides equipment and solutions for large-scale events, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


Founded in 1988 in Poland, Micros has over three decades of electronic components of importing and exporting. The Micros store contains a large number of electronic components.


Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of PCBs, with its main production bases in Shenzhen and Jiangsu, Also has R&D sites in North America and Europe.

Corporation STP Strategy

Select correct target market

Yangxing Target Market Legend

  • E1: 

    Independent Distributor
  • E2: 

  • E3: 

    Authorized Distributor
As a professional crystal production agent distributor, YXC Technology has unique insights and extremely familiar understanding of its technology in recent years, which has been playing a significant role in rapid distribution as well as reaction to the market. The target market YXC has been seeking for is the medium and big-head terminal operators, who has taken quite a big share within the industry. This enables YangXing to demonstrate incomparable advantages over other suppliers. Besides, YXC digs the market for other small but potential terminals and trade distributors as the secondary market. Value-added services through the whole business part is widely appreciated by customers.

Market positioning implementation

YXC Technology has been specialized in manufacturing and supplying crystals since 1986. Widely acclaimed by customers with its own competitive advantages, YangXing is concentrated in “one-stop” fast delivery and short lead time to continuously satisfy diverse demands of the market. We firmly believe that quality and quick response to the market is crucial for YXC to win the market with moderate price.

Strategy For
High Quality Positioning

Yangxing has always been adhering to high-quality positioning strategy throughout the whole producing and distributing processes. We consistently use authentic original materials, bearing in mind that quality is the most important element to position our products. Sub-materials or other electronic materials abandoned by the market will never be introduced into any business spot of YXC, aimed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. And this will surely increase the chances of customer re-buying behaviours.

Strategy To
Build Up an Honest Image

Focused on crystal with over 30 years, YXC Technology always persist to provide customers with the highest quality goods and most efficient frequency solutions. For more than two decades YangXing maintains the image with its own distinct charm, enabling customers to quickly identify from the distribution market. From establishing company culture, staff business ability improvement to etiquette training, YXC has made great achievement, which contributes to more satisfaction and respect from clients all over the globe.

Rategy For
Outstanding Competition Ability

In contrast with other major oversea competitors such as HongKong, Macao and Taiwan, YangXing positions itself as customized services for China

Differential Marketing Strategy about YXC

YXC Technology has always insisted on its own target market positioning for their crystal products to stand on a suitable market place. We have received tons of favourable reputation by implementing the strategy of making our products stand out.

Differences in products itself

Our company has self-own brand and trade mark --YXC, customers could recognize us by recognizing features, quality, series and package of our goods.

Differences in service provided

From all aspects in the front-end supply chain, YXC Technology has shown its own core competitive advantages in the following services : small quantities, rapid logistics services, the supply ofalternative original devices, easier to find components, technical support, BOM optimization, supporting procurement. A win-win era has been open for both YXC and all purchasers around the world.